Monday, April 2, 2007

Move Over Zahara, There's a New African Baby in Town

Move Over Zahara, There's a New African Baby in Town

David Banda is the 13-month-old baby boy that Madge is in the process of adopting. He recently made his way to her London home where he's staying now while the legalities of the adoption are being worked out.

Madge said, 'It's so worth it. He's just the best baby ever. Guy and I have never been happier.'

David will join Madge's other children, Rocco and Lourdes.

Apparently, she isn't stopping there and already has her eye on a little girl from the same village as David.

She said, "I looked at this child with questioning dark eyes and the saddest smile. I thought, 'She looks just like me.' I told Guy, 'We must give this child a home, too.'"

Somebody get this kid a therapist and some Valium. We should start him early, because his childhood isn't going to be easy. Better yet, get him some morphine.


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TomKat's November 23rd Wedding?

Katie Holmes has already said she has the dress and now the place may be George Clooney's villa in Lake Como, Italy. This was the exact place where Brangelina were rumored to be getting married as well. Sources say that the date is November 23rd. Katie was spotted there recently after her trip to Paris with Posh Beckham.

A source said, "“The wedding is scheduled for mid-November. Kate had looked at various hotels [in the area] but the venue is to be George'’s villa."

It is also rumored that Posh will be her maid of honor.

The ceremony will be a civil service and not involve any kind of religion.

Katie was recently seen looking much slimmer as she got into the back of a hearse. Well, being married to Tom Cruise is probably like being buried alive anyway.



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