Monday, April 2, 2007

Paris and Blohan rub STDs again - IDLYITW

MK is keeping her shit to herself - Mollygood

Dannie Minogue gets sloshed - Egotastic!

Posh is really talented and smart - Hollywood Tuna

Vivica Fox and her forehead for days - Concrete Loop

CBGB's says goodnight - Cityrag

Paris and Blohan rub STDs again - IDLYITW

Zahara gets some rickshaw action - Just Jared

Denise and Charlie get together - Popsugar

Ellen Barking has effed the Clooney - A Socialite's Life

Naked Sundays for Xtina - Hollywood Rag

Note to Wesley Snipes: Don't drop the soap in jail - TMZ

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The Amazing Race All-Stars is Coming!

CBS is doing what they should've done for Amazing Race 10 and is shooting an All-Stars version for their 11th season. TVGasm is reporting that everything is set for the new season and the teams have been selected and they have signed on the dotted line. Shooting begins next month.

Apparently, the only two teams pretty much confirmed are Colin and Christie and the most popular and famous AR couple ever, Mirna and Schmirna. There are rumors as to the other teams, but these two seem concrete.

How could they not do an all-stars without Mirna and Schmirna? This two were the hottest of the hot. Remember when Charla was forced to carry that huge slab of meat by Mirna? I mean, it can't get any better than that.

Here are some other teams I hope they include:

Team Jesus
David & Margaretta
Oswald & Danny
Teri & Ian
Don & Mary Jean
Adam & Rebecca
Jonathan & Victoria
Lori & Bolo
Meredith & Gretchen
Megan & Heidi
Lisa & Joni
Lyn & Karlyn
David & Mary

Also, in the current season of Amazing Race two of the final three teams have been leaked. Apparently, they were spotted in the city before the final city. These two teams are:

These bitches
These Bitches

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Look Who's on the Cover of Elle!

Jordan aka Katie Price graces November's cover of Elle Magazine UK. This bitch is moving up in the World. Last week, Jordan sat front row at the Christian Dior show next to Mario Testino.

I'm so proud! Where's Harvey's cover though?

Thx Albz

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Tweedle Dog and Tweedle Fug

Fergie and Asshole Simpson met up last night in London for dinner at Mr. Chow's. Asshole is currently performing in Chicago and Fergie is there to fix her meth face. Actually, she's there to promote her album.

The two looked like fug twins as they strolled into the eatery causing hundreds of diners to head for the door after losing their appetites.


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The "Who Cares?" News!!

Is an all-smoking airline in the works? That shit better be free.

The world will be seeing more of Calista Flockhart's pulled face as Brothers and Sisters gets a full season.

Rapper, Fabolous gets shot in the thigh. Fab who?

Sara Evans blame it all on the nanny!

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Dove Cares About Us


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