Monday, April 2, 2007

A Whole New World from Aladdin is a special song for Peter Andre and Jordan.

KFed is a BonafideTube Star!

First CSI and now this crap. KFed made an appearance on last night's WWE and got his stupid ass fake kicked by John Cena. This is so damn cliche. He's in his element though. I only wish that they would've kicked his stupid ass for real.

The stunt was to promote his album, Playing with Fire, which hits stores on Halloween. He was booed by fans before being delivered his fake beatdown. It will air on the USA Network tonight.

I'm sure the YouTube will be up any second now.


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A Whole New Set of Ear Drums

A Whole New World from Aladdin is a special song for Peter Andre and Jordan. The pair sang it at their wedding and also performed it at a charity event a year ago. At that event they smartly lip-synced it.

Well, a newer version has been leaked. Apparently, the new version doesn't have any kind of effects. Peter Andre sounds fine, but Jordan sounds like her breast implants are popping while she's singing it. In her book, Jordan talks about how she thinks she has a nice enough voice. Looks like she needs to get those ears checked.

She's still the hotness though. Harvey really should've sang her part instead.

Click here to listen to it

Thx to all who sent it to me!

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The CAPTION THIS CONTEST Winner for October 16th!!!

You wouldn't know it by looking at me, but I am cooking a pot roast between my thighs. - Ted


Forget what you heard about New York---Krazy's Granny is the new Flavorette!!!!!!!!! - bz

I was going to jump out of a cake for your birthday...but I ate it. - Boogie

If you gave her a dirty Sanchez she'll probably make it into a sandwich for later! - El Bastardo

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Hot Slut of the Day!

Josie Bissett

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Birthday Sluts

Eminem (34)
Wyclef Jean (34)
Chris Kirkpatrick (35)
Ziggy Marley (38)
Norm MacDonald (43)
Rob Marshall (46)
Alan Jackson (48)
Margot Kidder (58)
George Wendt (58)

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Monday, October 16, 2006
Which Davis Brother Would You Hit?

Brandon at a Teen Vogue party on 9/21 or Jason at L.A. Fashion week on 10/15

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Her Breasts Will Do the Singing


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