Monday, April 2, 2007

Eva LongWHORIA spent some quality time her man

Eva LongWHORIA spent some quality time her man, Tony Parker's, mom in Paris yesterday. My eyes don't know where to rest. I look up and see two nasty-ass faces and I look down I see two fugly fug purses.

I would normally think it smart for Eva to pose next to someone so fug, to make herself look hotter. In this case, Tony mom's ugly brings out Eva's hardcore and true fug. It's like when the sunlight hits a leaf and you can see the gold in it.

Thx Brenda

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Guess the Ho?

UPDATE - Click here to see the ho behind the smile. Congrats to an anonymous bitch who won this!

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The Real World #89

The Real World: Denver is premiering soon and here's a video showing the highlights of the season. Basically, they could've compiled clips from any season and it would've been the same shit. Does anybody even watch this show anymore?

The casting department at MTV really needs to take a look at the situation. They always cast the same kind of gay, the same kind of black guy, the same kind of emotional slut. The cast members usually just get drunk and cry then fight and then screw each other.

I'll pass, because I can watch this same kind of behavior on Cheaters.

UPDATE - The video isn't showing up for some of you. Here's a link to it!

Thx Nicmak

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Britney's Back

*images removed by request, but I'm sure you can find em!"

Just weeks after giving birth to SPF2, a skinnier Britney Spears showed herself in Malibu. Wearing an argyle sweater and truly fug sunglasses she made her way to Planet Blue escorted by a new bodyguard.

Homegirl got a makeover and by makeover I mean full lipo and a tummy tuck. I miss the platform flip flops and hot pink gypsy skirts! Let's hope this is just a one-time show and the old, elegant Britney will come back. I mean she's not even holding a Starbucks!

Where's the real Brit?


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