Monday, April 2, 2007

Jessica Alba is pretty hot

ew York is The Flavorette

New York will announce on The Flavor of Love reunion show that she is filming The Flavorette. The show is wrapping up now and will most likely debut next Spring.

Tiffany Patterson, age 24 (laughable, right) said,

“These men are worse than the women who were on season one and season two [of ‘Flavor of Love’]. This show is so chaotic, it’s overboard, it’s over-the-top, it’s extreme and these guys know they’re fighting for a wonderful woman so they’ve been at each other’s throats and I’m flattered by it. I can’t complain.” But that’s okay with her; she tells the paper, “I like it when the guys go at each other. I’m a prize, I’m so worth it — frankly, it turns me on.”

Also, a Dlisted reader e-mailed me and claimed that New York's appearance on Flavor of Love 2 was completely fake. I'm not surprised.

"Flava Flav already knew early on who he kind of wanted. The producers and Flav decided that New York should come back and make it to the final 2 and create this huge scene. They wanted to bring her back, because of her popularity. They also wanted to use her 'broken heart' as a reason for her own reality show. Everything New York did on the show was fake and producers told her what to say and how to say it. They wanted her to push Delishis into the pool at the end, but she declined"


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Jessica Alba is Too Sexy for Jesus

The Alba asking Jesus why he made her so hot on the set of The Fantastic Four 2 on 10/12

We all can agree that Jessica Alba is pretty hot, but homegirl won't stop talking about how hard it is being sexy. Eva LongWhoria anyone? She said that she originally became a Christian, because the Latin American community rejected her due to her looks.

She now has left Christians, because she kept getting hit on.

She told Elle, "Older men would hit on me and my youth pastor said it was because I was wearing provocative clothing, when I wasn't.

"It just made me feel, like, if I was in anyway desirable to the opposite sex, that it was my fault, and it made me ashamed of my body and of being a woman."

Yeah, it's really hard being drop-dead hot. She shouldn't downplay her sex appeal, because that's what is getting her jobs. It isn't her acting chops that's for sure.


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