Monday, April 2, 2007

Bindi Irwin is Taking Her Father's Place

Bindi Irwin is Taking Her Father's Place

When Steve Irwin was killed, the world quickly adopted Bindi Irwin as their own. Her apperance at his memorial helped launch her into stardom. Things work quickly, because Bindi is already shooting her own special for Discovery Kids. The show which will air in January 2007 is called, Bindi, The Jungle Girl.

She said, "I'm trying to get across the message that don't be afraid of animals, they're just put on this earth to help the environment and everything like that."

The 26-episode show will also feature her father in scenes that were filmed before his death.

The little girl isn't afraid of animals at all even though her father was killed byone.

"Some people think that I would be afraid of them, but I'm never ever afraid of an animal. I just get excited and some that are dangerous I just think, 'Oooh! What's going to happen?' and things like that."

Hey, if you can get famous off of your father's death, why not? She should re-think the hair though. Other than that, she's adorable.


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Leave the Hag Alone!

Madonna wants nothing more than to adopt an African baby so she looks better and feels better about herself. There's nothing wrong with that. Now, there's some child protection group that is trying to stop her from doing so.

A Malawian children's group named, The Eye of the Child, is challenging her ass in court from adopting 13-month old, David Banda.

The group said, "We are concerned that the High Court has taken a short cut and waived the law. We are registering our concern and will seek clarification from the court, after which we will decide what action to take."

Madonna's rep confirms the adoption, but she has left Africa for London without the baby.

However, this morning one of Madonna's bodyguards was seen boarding a plane in Africa with a baby.

What is wrong with these people? I'm sure she can give this kid a better life than he already has. Yes, he will probably grow up resentful and a drug addict, but at least he'll be wearing hot clothes while doing so!



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